History of HPSEBL

Himachal Pradesh is almost wholly mountainous state having altitudes ranging from 350meters to 6,975 with climate conditions varying from semi-tropical to semi-arctic. The total population of Himachal Pradesh as per 2011 census was 68,56,509 with population density being 123 persons per sq. Km. Electric supply at the time of formation of the state in 1948 was available only in the Capitals of the erstwhile princely states and the connected load at the time was less than 500 kW.Thus the organization of the power utility in the state began relatively recently and first electrical division was formed in August,1953 under the Public Works Department.

Subsequently a department of M.P.P & Power was formed in April, 1964. The Himachal Pradesh State Electricity Board was constituted on 1st September, 1971 in accordance with the provisions of Electricity Supply Act (1948) and has been reorganized as Himachal Pradesh State Electricity Board Ltd. w.e.f. 14.06.2010 under company act 1956. Himachal Pradesh State Electricity Board Limited (HPSEBL), having its registered office at Vidyut Bhawan, Shimla- 171004, Himachal Pradesh is responsible for supply of Uninterrupted & Quality power to all categories of consumers in Himachal Pradesh at the most economical rates.

This power is being supplied through a network of Transmission,Sub- Transmission & Distribution lines laid along the length and breadth of the Pradesh.




From To

Sh.Shrikant Baldi

IAS (Chairman)



Sh.Traun Kapoor

IAS (Chairman)   upto 20th sep 2018

Sh.R.D Dhiman

IAS (Chairman)    

Sh.Tarun Shridhar

IAS (Chairman)   Up to Dec 2018
Er. J.P Kalta Managing Director(MD)   ---
Er. P.C. Negi Managing Director(MD)   Up to Dec 28/2018

Sh.S.K.B.S Negi



Sh.R.D Dhiman IAS   Up to May 2013
Sh. Subash Negi IAS   01-09-08
Sh. R.K.JAIN IAS 01-09-08 31-08-09
Sh. Ajay Mittal IAS 07-03-08 28-08-08
Sh. S.K.Sood IAS 12-02-08 29-02-08
Sh.Ravi Dingra IAS 19-10-07 12-02-08
Sh.Shamsher Singh IAS 04-12-01 19-10-07
Sh. Harsh Gupta IAS 19-10-00 04-12-01
Smt.Asha Swarup IAS 11-04-00 19-10-00
Sh.A.K. Gosami IAS 13-12-95 10-04-00
Sh.B.B Tandon IAS 07-12-93 13-02-95
Er.R.S.S Chauhan IAS 16-07-90 06-12-93
Er.K.C Mahajan --- 13-06-90 15-07-90
Er.H.S.Dubey --- 06-06-79 20-07-81
Er.W.F Desouza --- 01-05-78 05-06-79
Er.H.S.Dubey --- 01-12-77 30-04-78
Er.S.C.Katoch --- 20-12-73 30-11-77
Er.K.C.Thomas --- 07-04-73 20-12-73