Right To Information



RTI Act 2005

HPSEBLs nominated PIO/Appellate Authorities & Nodal Officers for the purpose of implementing RTI

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Regarding RTI Appeals/Case;R.S. Gupta V/s L G Office

Delegation of Administrative Power

Guidelines for monitoring and recovery of defaulting amount

Assets and Liabilities Returns

Contact Details of HPSEBL Field Officers (Operation)

Directory of email ID's & Phone Numbers of officers of HPSEBL

Consumer Services

Application for information under RTI Act 2005-I

Application for information under RTI Act 2005-II

Complaint No 0012,0013,0014 2013-14 Court Order filed by Subodh Abhi, Sylvan Height Batamandi,

Publishing of Compendium of Best Practices on RTI Act.

Appeal made against PIO-cum-S.E.(Comm.) office letter No. 3641 ...dated 19.07.2014

Schedule of Tariff and Schedule of General & Services Charges (Applicable w.e.f. 1-4-2013)

Implementation of Section 4(1)(a) & (b) of the RTI Act.

RTI Reply

Affidavit/Undertaking to be taken from consumer at the time of new connection /additional load...

Annual Administrative Report 2012-13 (AAR)